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Labour day Fun

The Hymers Fair

A Fair steeped in History

The first Fair in Hymers was held on September 12, 1912. Since then the current Fair grounds were purchased and many buildings added, but the true country spirit of that very first market still remains.

Intentionally there is no beer garden and no midway and to this day, the Fair remains uniquely country. The vision of the Fair is an on-going commitment to encourage an awareness of agriculture and to promote improvements in the life skills and quality of life of people.

The people in the rural area around Thunder Bay are still proud of producing their own food and raising their own livestock. They still like to compete with their neighbours when it comes to who can bake the best pumpkin pie or who has the nicest looking rooster…just like it was many years ago.


Board of Directors

of the Hymers Agricultural Society 2024.

Board of Directors:
  • Randy Creighton
  • Margaret Duncan
  • Jeff Glavish
  • Erin Laforest
  • Chris Lawrence
  • Laura Loan

  • Noah Loan

  • Nadia Myhal
  • Rhonda Prystanski
  • Victoria Prystanski
  • Charlene Shuttleworth
  • Don Shuttleworth
  • Teri Treftlin