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About Judging

Judging in the Exhibit Hall takes place Saturday afternoon.  The Exhibit hall is open to visitors Sunday and Monday, September 3rd and 4th.


Download the Full Prize List

…and see how you can join the fun.
We now have the full 2023  prize list available. NEW! The table of content on page 3 can take you right where you want to go by clicking on the page number behind a class or a section you are interested in. 

Step up to the plate!

Can you grow a big pumpkin or take a nice photo?

Check out the Prize Book for these and other competitive classes you can enter, open to all youth and society members.


Please read the prize list and see what classes you would like to compete in. It is important to read all the rules to make sure your entry won’t get disqualified. In order to enter, you need to be a current member of the Hymers Fair Agricultural Society and drop off your entry at the proper times. 

Judges are invited to become a judge based on their expertise in a particular class. Typically there are different judges each year. Some judging will happen publicly but most judges will work behind the screens with a few helpers overseeing the judging process to make sure all the rules are followed and things are done fairly.

All entries will have a name attached but the information is not visible to the judge or any of the helpers. After the judge makes the decision who deserves a prize, the ribbons are attached and the entry cards are unfolded so the registration of the prizes can start. 

How to become a Certified Judge

Certified judges are persons who are appointed to make decisions at a competition.  One who has the knowledge and training to make decisions according to the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Judging Standards Handbook.

  1. Qualifications
  • Have a interest, good common sense, be fair but flexible, and maintain a high standard of workmanship
  • Must know the techniques used to produce the articles in the category you wish to judge.
  1. Requirements:
  • Successfully complete at least one OAAS Judging School in each category you wish to judge.
  • Apprentice judge with at least two different certified Judges.
  • Maintain certification by judging, and attending a judging school regularly.

Judging schools are held regularly. 
For more information, to enroll in a school, to arrange to judge, or to apprentice judge at a fair near you, contact