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One of the fun things about visiting the Fair is browsing the booth and tables vendors have set out with their hand-made wares, fresh vegetables and fruit, and information about fun volunteer opportunities or interesting destinations in the area. And how about some awesome ready-to-eat food? There is no need to bring a lunch or go home for dinner when you are visiting the Hymers Fair! You will typically find all of that and more.

It is the place where you get to know new entrepreneurs, find a woodworker or other artisan for your new project or where you can buy some home-made items that can be a fun addition for your home or camp.

How to become a vendor

Every year, we have new sign-up forms available for commercial and non-profit vendors and artisans with some more information about available spots, insurance, membership, set-up times etc. To learn more about our sign-up forms, click here to see last year’s forms.. We will post new ones as soon as they are available.

About our 2024 Fair

Stay posted for our 2024 vendor list.